BASA Soccerween 2023

Welcome to 2023 BASA Soccerween - 

Our annual Soccerween tournament will be held on October 28 (Girls) and October 29 (Boys)

This page will provide all important information for Coaches, Players and Families.

Field Map -The link for the field map will be found HERE

PArking and Shuttle MAP - CLick HERE

See attached link for the Field Map for this years Tournament.  Please be aware of several items - 

  1. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE COMPLEX - We are sorry, we love pets, but we will be having 750 players and their families at the complex each day - we cannot have Pets there as well.  You will be asked to remove your pet immediately.
  2. Smoking and drinking are not permitted at the complex - this includes the parking lot.  You will be asked to leave if you cannot adhere to this rule.
  3. Parking on the road outside the complex is not permitted - the police will eventually ticket and tow vehicles that park here - it happens every year.
  4. Parking is available in all of the lots up and down the road running North of the Complex - A shuttle will be provided all day for access to and from the complex.
  5. RV's can not be parked in the ISD lot - 
  6. Team tents can be setup on the perimeter of the complex (or the grass on the other side of the ditch in the ISD area) where you can find space - DO NOT set up team tents between fields - Please see the Field Map for available Tent locations
  7. See map for locations of player benches for the tournament - the space between the smaller fields is limited and is not wide enough to accommodate two sets of teams and their spectators.


  Click HERE or the Game Schedule (when the 2023 game schedule is available)

  Click HERE for the Tournament Rules (when the 2023 Tournament rules are available)


Teams should have been pre-approved for play and should have received a letter stating that by now.  Team Official will check in with that letter at the Tounament HQ and receive their tournament packet which will include the approved roster, wristbands, etc. Check-in begins at 6:30 AM each day, and we ask that you check-in no later than 1 hour before your first game.  Please only one representative per team at check-in as there ill be a line and limited space.  There will also be a check-in period on Friday night for any team that wishes to avoid the morning check-in.  Team packets will be available from 4:30 to 6:30 on Friday nght and we recommend that any team that is local or in the area on Friday nght please consider checking in then.

Once you have received your packet and passed out wristbands to each player - please take your team and your approved roster fom your packet to the closest Field Marshall Tent to check-in your players.  This will only be required prior to the first game for each team.


The home team is responsibe for picking up the game cards for each game - we will hand out the first game card at the team check-in to the home team coach.  Upon completion of the game, each coach will sign the card and the winning team (or home team in the event of a tie) will return the card to the HQ tent. 

Referees will not visit teams prior to the game - Coaches are responsible for their teams adherence to equipment rules.  The Home team will select which goal to defend and the Visiting team will have first kickoff.

Game Lengths Are as Follows - Any changes from the rules are based on number of teams on each day on the fields being used.

  • U9 through U12 Boys and Girls - 25 Minute Halves, 2-3 Minute Halftime
  • U13-U16 GIrls - 25 Minute Halves - 2-3 Minute Halftime
  • U13-U15 Boys - 30 Minute Halves - 2-3 Miute Halftime

We are on a very tight schedule for this tournament - Games will begin on time (whether teams are on the field or not) and once a game has ended the teams and spectators must make way immediately for the next game.


We have three Division types this year.

Four team - Simple round robin - Champion/Finalist decided by standard Points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie. 0 for a loss) and tiebreakers if necessary). No Final Game.  See Rules for tiebreaker information.

FIve Team - Modified Round Robin - 4 teams will play 3 games and 1 team will play 4 games - Same rules regarding points - the team playing four games will drop the points from the game against the last pace team and the regualr rules will apply going forwad from there - Champion/Fianlist decided by points - no final game - See Rules for Tie Breaker information.

Six Team Backet - Two divisions of 3 teams play 2 game reound robin - 1st place team from each side of the bracket will play a championship game (to conclusion) and the 2nd place and 3rd Place teams will each play consolation games (can end in a tie) - See Rules for Tiebreaker and Overtime Rules


Medals are given out to the Champion and Finalist of each division - there will be a photo location for both 1st and second both places as well - please reference the map above.  Please do not leave until you are sure you will not be receiving a medal - we cannot guarantee we wil be able to get the medals to you after this weekend.

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