BASA U9 thru U19 Travel Program

  • Experienced, licensed coaching at all age divisions

  • BASA offers both Premier and Select team opportunities. Our coaches consistently produce league and tournament champions across all age divisions.

  • Competitive soccer and high-quality training at an affordable cost.

    • Premier - $450 per year*

    • Select - $400 per year*

    • Additional costs

      • Adidas uniforms

      • Tournaments & winter training – varies based on coach/team

*High school teams playing only one season will pay ½ the registration cost



BASA Travel Soccer FAQ

How long is the season?

  • The season is split into Fall and Spring time frames

  • Fall runs from late August to late October

  • Spring runs from late April to early June

  • Winter training (see additional info below) runs from January to the start of the spring season

What does U9, U10, etc mean?

  • This is how the state works age groups, under 9, under 10, etc

  • Age groups work by birth year, January-December. So if your child was born in 2014, they will play U9 with any child born that year in the 2022-23 season

  • There are separate boys and girls teams for each age group

  • Each year the team moves up an age bracket. So birth year 2014 plays U10 in 2023-24.

Do kids have to try out?

  • Yes, BASA (along with the other clubs in the area) offer tryouts for each year on the same weekend in early/mid June

  • Players are evaluated coaches and other BASA personnel and placed on boys and girls teams by birth year

  • There is a roster limit set by the state for age groups. This means that if there is a large number of kids trying out for a particular age group, cuts may have to be made.

How do the games work? Who do we play?

  • Games come in two ways, League and Tournaments (see below on Tournaments)

  • BASA U9-U12 teams play in the Mid-Michigan Youth Soccer League (MMYSL)

  • BASA U13 and up teams usually play in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP)

  • Teams are usually given around 8 league games each fall and spring

  • Half of those games are played at BASA and the other half away

How far do the teams travel for league games?

  • League games for U9-U12 in the MMYSL may travel to as far away as Alma, Lansing, Flushing, Midland, Saginaw, Mt. Pleasant and possibly Traverse City

  • U13-U19 playing in MSPSP may travel south anywhere from Saginaw, Genesee county, or to the Detroit metro area. North up to Petoskey or Traverse City, or possibly as far west as Grand Rapids.

  • You are generally going to these cities roughly 4 times each fall and spring, depending on how many games you are assigned

How do the tournaments work

  • Tournaments are left to the discretion of each team’s coach. They will select the number of tournaments the team will attend each fall and spring.

  • There is only one required tournament which is BASA’s Soccerween tournament each October. It is a 1 day weekend tournament where the boys play one day and the girls play the other day. Teams can dress up in soccer appropriate costumes!

  • Otherwise, tournaments are voluntary. Coaches usually select 1-2 to attend each fall and spring.

  • Midland offers a tournament in the fall and spring and this is a popular choice as it is local and offers a good level of competition.

  • Other popular choices include tournaments in Petoskey, Canton, Grand Rapids, or Traverse City

  • Many coaches opt for 1 “overnight” tournament (over the whole season) where the team stays in a hotel for the weekend. Again, this is up to the coach and the interest level of the team in such a tournament.

  • Teams pay to play in the tournaments. Cost is split over each player and can be anywhere from $30-$50 per tournament per player. This is not covered by BASA travel fees.

How often are games during the week?

  • During the season, there is usually at least one game per week, but there could be two depending on the team’s league and tournament schedule

  • Games are usually scheduled on weekends, but can be played on weeknights when playing local teams

  • Coaches work the schedule with the coaches of the other teams before the season starts. You will know all your game dates/times prior to the season starts. These usually don’t change unless there is a compelling reason to.

How long are the games?

  • This depends on the age group. U9 starts at 25min halves, which means games run roughly an hour with halftime. Teams work their way up to longer halves as they get older. Games for older teams can run up to 80-90min with halftime included.

How often do the teams practice?

  • During the season coaches may have their team practicing twice a week (usually at the BASA Complex)

  • Practices can last from 60-90 minutes

How does the off-season work

  • After the fall season concludes, there is usually no soccer until the January timeframe

  • From January-early April, teams offer a voluntary winter training once a week at a local indoor facility (Midland Civic Arena, Tri-city Sports Complex, local school gyms, etc). There is an additional cost for this not covered by BASA travel fees.

  • Sometimes teams play in winter futsal leagues or attend indoor soccer tournaments, but these are voluntary

  • After the spring season concludes, tryouts occur for the next year in early June

  • Teams usually start practicing on a regular basis in early August

How much does it cost to play?

  • Registration fees for the 2022-23 season (includes the fall and spring) are $400 for U9-U12 and $450 for U13-U19. This can be paid in increments.

  • All tournament fees, travel expenses, winter training, and uniforms are additional costs

How much do uniforms cost?

  • The table below outlines the minimum required uniform costs as of 2022 pricing.

  • Other items can be purchased such as jackets, pants, and bags. But these items are voluntary

  • Uniforms can be used until they need to be replaced

  • Other items can be purchased such as jackets, pants, and bags. But these items are voluntary

  • Uniforms can be used until they need to be replaced



Home Jersey


Away Jersey


1 pair of shorts


Blue socks


White socks


Practice jersey (2)


Total required uniform costs













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