Complex Rules

The following rules are for the safety of everyone. Please be considerate and abide by the rules.

  • No pets anywhere on the complex grounds.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No smoking.
  • The property for the BASA complex is leased from the Bay Arenac School District, as such smoking and alcohol are prohibited.
  • No glass containers.
  • Only authorized games are to be held at the complex.
  • No practices, or scrimmages are to be held at the complex.
  • Coaching is to be done only between the 18 yard lines.
  • Spectators must remain behind the orange line.
  • No spectators behind the goals.
  • Do not climb or sit on the fence around the complex.
  • Respect the calls of the referee. They are there to make the game enjoyable for everyone.  If you have a problem with a game, coach, or referee, please contact a BASA official. The concession stand will be able to direct you to the proper person. Remember we are all here ‘For the kids...For the fun of it!
  • Clean up after yourself and your team.  Please use trash receptacles, pickup your drink bottles, and trash from your team.
  • Speed limit in the parking lot is 5 MPH.  We have over 1500 children playing soccer at the complex, please drive slow and watch for kids running out from between cars.
  • Have Fun!
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